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Minoxidil & Saw Palmetto

How mHm Improved Minoxidil Penetration - 5 WAYS!

Minoxidil is the only (Federal Drug Administration) FDA proven topical hair product to stop hair loss and to re-grow hair in both men and women. Clinical research shows that increasing the concentration of Minoxidil from 2% to 5% will improve the quantity of hair growth, while simultaneously decreasing the length of time for successful results.

However, Minoxidil only works at the derma papilla (base) of the fair follicle, not the scalp and therefore, if the Minoxidil cannot gain access to the dermal papilla, its effectiveness is significantly reduced.

What hinders other minoxidil formulas from working well?

  • Sebum that is produced from the sebaceous gland builds up and blocks the hair follicle. Minoxidil therefore, cannot penetrate through the sebum as easily to get to the dermal papilla. The derma papilla is the base of the fair follicle, where hair growth occurs. It is where Minoxidil actually works.

  • Other topicals of Minoxdil  (which can contain up to 70% alcohol) stay on the surface causing, in many cases, irritation and itching of the scalp and drying of the hair shaft.

  • Minoxidil works at the dermal papilla, not on the scalp surface.

Helping Minoxidil to Work Better!

  1. Utilise mHm Scalp Therapy Cleanser to break up and dissolve sebum.

  1. Scalp Therapy also hydrates the Stratum Corneum layer (outer layer of skin on the scalp) making it more permeable to gases and liquids, such as Minoxidil.

How Did We Improve Minoxidil?

  1. After mHm Scalp Cleanse has hydrated the outer layer and dissolves the sebum, minoxidil in carrier solution penetrates down to the dermal papilla. Remember, minoxidil only works at the dermal papilla level, not on the scalp, so if it can’t penetrate it can’t work to regrow hair.

  1. Carrier Enhancement Agent is a product that neutralizes the alcohol in minoxidil, while maintaining it in a liquid state to allow for better penetration, less irritation, and dryness of the scalp.  Use of the carrier lotion allows you to use less minoxidil to achieve a larger effective dosage level by converting it into a lotion that is more easily absorbed. Because of the improved delivery system, the amount of minoxidil needed was significantly reduced (by 50%) to 1ml daily.

  1. The carrier lotion is the result of years of research and development. The carrier maintains minoxidil in a liquid state longer allowing it to penetrate down into the follicle where it will have the maximum effect on the growth of the hair shaft.  Pharmacia & Upjohn Company recommends using 2ml of minoxidil daily but because of our improved delivery system, the amount of minoxidil needed is reduced by 50% to 1ml daily.